Do I need to register my drone?

No, you currently do not need to register your drone with the government if it weighs less than 20kg and is used for recreational purposes. However, significant changes to the UK Drone Laws are to be implemented by the government in the very near future, which will undoubtedly affect many current and future drone owners.

The consultation of the ‘Benefits of drones to the UK economy’ has recently concluded, however, we believe it won’t be long until the new rules and regulations are released with a view to “improve accountability and encourage owners to act responsibly”.

New rules to be implemented by the government are as follows:

  • A compulsory registration scheme and mandatory competency tests for all users of drones weighing 250g and above.
  • Bring forward the action to create an authoritative source of UK airspace data, “which will facilitate the implementation of geo-fencing and build greater awareness of airspace restrictions amongst drone users”.
  • Explore further measures to increase the safety of drone use, including raising penalty costs, create new offences and review the powers available to law enforcement agencies of whom have the authority to enforce relevant law.

To read the full outcome, please click here.

Although there is no date for when these changes will be implemented, we recommend that drone owners keep a very close eye out for updates on these enforcement’s. The finer of details including cost of registration and how to register are also yet to be confirmed, with speculation pointing towards owners being able to register online or through mobile apps.

Drones being used for commercial purposes which are defined as operating ‘in return for remuneration or other valuable consideration’ will need to seek permission from the CAA to fly their drone.

Keep an eye on our page for updates on the new drone safety rules.


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