JR radio systems are well known by passionate RC enthusiasts for their precise responsiveness, intuitive programming and superior ergonomics. JR’s superior-quality radio transmitters, servos and receivers offer exceptional performance, and once you’ve picked up a JR RC controller you won’t want to put it down. Feel the difference with JR.
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About JR

JR radio transmitters never fail to give you the unmistakable feeling that you’re flying with the very best pro-class RC equipment on the market. Widely regarded as the world’s leading innovators of radio transmitters, servos and receivers, JR are always pushing the boundaries of RC technology. Notable products include the flagship Propo XG11 DMSS Transmitter, the Propo XG6 DMSS transmitter and the Propo XG8 DMSS transmitter.

The Best Radio Transmitters on the Market

From their durable, precision-cast transmitter housing to their high-resolution backlit displays, JR radio transmitters are quite simply the best around. Everything about their products screams quality, and FPV Drones are extremely proud to be an official supplier of their fantastic RC equipment. With features such as quad-bearing stick assemblies, rolling selector data input and accessible shoulder-mounted momentary contact switches as well as the custom naming capability for flight modes – JR radio transmitters are for discerning FPV drone enthusiasts who want the ultimate control over their drones.