RaceKraft are the drone parts experts. They supply bespoke drone kit such as propellers and frames, which are highly popular with top pilots and vendors within the drone racing community. RaceKraft’s products are engineered to achieve maximum performance and are designed to reflect the innovative nature of their team.
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The Best Quadcopter Propellers

Built for the love of drones, RaceKraft’s drone propellers are designed for high spin rotations (RPM) that generate extreme levels of thrust – effectively allowing your drone to move quicker through the air. The RaceKraft 5051 TCS Blade Props are certainly a fan favourite. Get yours today and feel the difference…

Where Durability Meets Performance

RaceKraft’s pre-balanced race blades are the most durable ones on the market, and many professional drone pilots swear by by them. Precision-engineered to provide maximum performance without sacrificing the durability that has made their props the blade of choice for discerning drone pilots, it’s no wonder that RaceKraft are at one of the most respected suppliers of racing drone accessories in the world.