RotorX specialise in developing high-performance micro drone technology for serious drone racing enthusiasts. Built by drone pilots for drone pilots, RotorX Racing’s technology provides incredible performance advantages over competing pocket-sized racing drones. With RotorX, the world is your racecourse.
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About RotorX

Based in Sydney, RotorX was founded in 2014 by a group of fun-loving drone pilots. Since bursting onto the drone racing scene, RotorX has released a number of precision-engineered products ranging from high-performance Motors and 3s HV batteries to carbon fibre drone canopies and micro quad DIY Kits; all of which are very popular within the drone racing community.

To date, the most popular RotorX products are the Raju Micro Hexacopter and the Atom Quadcopter. RotorX were also the brains behind the creation of the original high performance 4000kv 1104 brushless motor, the RX1104. This motor enabled micro drones to compete against much larger drones in aerial drone racing, making it a revolutionary piece of technology. Furthermore, RotorX went on to design the 3020 propeller with t-motor style mounting. This prop was engineered specifically for the RX1104 brushless motor.

A Revolutionary Vision

RotorX’s vision is to “revolutionize the drone industry by providing the smallest possible drone platforms for a variety of high-performance drone needs.” The intention of these guys wasn’t only to build amazing, fun racing drones, but also to create a culture around drone racing.

Made by Pilots, for Pilots

RotorX was formed from the drone racing community, meaning their products are the result of expert knowledge and unrivalled passion for drone racing. Essentially, everything is designed and developed through the eyes of a pilot, which gives RotorX the edge over their competitors. Whether it be drone kits, drone parts, or RC drones themselves, RotorX continue to provide the community with high quality gear that undoubtedly enhances flying performance and experience – and you can find it all here at FPV drones.