ShenDrones offer some of the most innovative drone frame designs on the market. Designed for pure speed on the racetrack, Shen Drone frames not only look amazing, they’re also incredible fun to fly. And that’s the main goal of Shen Drones – to provide the pilot with the most enjoyable flying experience possible.
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About Shen Drones

Created by ex-photographer and multi-rotor drone enthusiast, Andy Shen, Shen Drones is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance racing drone frames. Andy started flying drones four years ago in order to shoot bike races from the air, and he quickly fell in love with flying drones purely for the fun of it. As he lost interest in using drones for aerial photography, he developed a passion for drone racing and soon realised that he could improve upon existing drone designs. After a lot of trial and error, Andy began to design and produce precision-engineered racing drone frames, with each one designed to achieve the ultimate flying experience.

Quadcopter Frames Built For Fun Flying & Racing

Shen Drones have released a number of expertly designed drone frames, each one with its very own unique, signature appearance – ranging from the TWEAKER 5, which adopts the classic “H” frame and a front facing cam pod that’s perfect for FPV, to the sleek, compact Mifune FPV frame, which is built with a durable nylon top and a 3mm carbon bottom. With Shen Drones, you can transform your drones into formidable racing machines – and in some style, too. Enjoy the ride.