Team Black Sheep are redefining the FPV drone racing hobby, one flight at a time. TBS drones are built with intelligence and integrity, and are designed to provide the ultimate FPV user experience.
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The Best Carbon Fibre Drones

All Team Black Sheep drones are made from a custom-made fibre layup, which not only makes the drones look cool, but it also means they’re extremely durable. The experts over at TBS are well aware that drone racing crashes are pretty much inevitable – which is why their RC drones are designed with an almost unbreakable body. Good news for all you FPV pilots that live on the dangerous side; you can now crash with confidence!

Easy to Assemble, Easy to Repair

Drones such as the TBS Vendetta come pre-tuned, saving you all the hassle of setting up your race craft. Within five minutes of opening the box you’ll be up and flying. It’s that simple. If you were to crash, Team Black Sheep drone parts are incredibly easy to assemble together. The modular design means that all the self-contained parts can also be repaired and reattached with ease. All you need is a couple of tools – no soldering iron required!

RC Drones That Help You Progress as a Pilot

Drone flying is no walk in the park. To truly master it and develop as a pilot, you need to progress at the right pace for you. TBS drones are precision-engineered for an optimum power-to-weight ratio as well as having the ability to accommodate custom parts, such as arms, propellers and motors. This enables you to build allowing you to build the perfect Team Black Sheep racing drone for your level.