Widely regarded as the most prestigious and powerful FPV drone frames known to man, Team Moka’s racing frames are designed for elite racing performance. Featuring a lightweight design and low surface area to maximise forward kinetic energy and movement through the air, Moka’s racing drone frames are lightning quick and a joy to control. Made by racers, for racers.
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About Team Moka

Team Moka was founded by a group of Canadian RC enthusiasts determined to build the finest racing drone frames around. Being veteran RC machine users since 2004 (helicopters, quadcopters, tricopters planes and so on…), the Moka guys have always had an interest in the FPV racing quadcopter world. Distinctly unimpressed by the quadcopter frames on the market at the time, the Team Moka used their design skills and RC flying experience to create the perfect racing drone frame.

The result? The MOKAFRAME. The MOKAFRAME is the golden child of the Moka range and was born out of inspiration from the Y4 and Y6 copter models. The unique frame was built not only for maximum enjoyment, but also to successfully meet all the regulations and restrictions of RC drone racing events.

Other notable creations from Moka include the Moka Simplex, Moka Tiny, Moka X, Moka foldable, Moka Deluxe and of course, the Moka Beserka, which we’re proud to bring to you here at FPV drones.

Drone Frames Built for Serious Racing

Team Moka’s racing drone frames are purposefully designed to be two things: be fast and be furious. Each product is targeted at the elite racer – FPV pilots who are striving to battle the best and compete at the highest levels of drone racing competition. Moka’s frames are designed for unparalleled agility and superior speed without compromising on strength and durability – the perfect choice for pilots looking to take their flying experience to the next level (and leave other racers eating their metaphorical dust).

Easy to Assemble, Adjustable, Well-Engineered Drone Frames

A unique feature of the Team Moka’s frames is their flexibility – they can be configured to adapt to different drone types and sizes. Take the Moka Beserker for example – simply change out the arms and you can convert the same frame into a 180mm, 210mm or 250mm quad. Motors can also be adjusted to match your chosen frame design. There’s more too: the frames are not only flexible, they’re also incredibly light and compact, making them easy to transport to drone racing events.