Must have drone accessories

If you’re a drone owner or you’re keen to become a drone enthusiast, there are many drone accessories and equipment pieces that enable you to customise your drone or quadcopter. Drone accessories are also great additions if you really want to improve the performance of your drone. Here are some of the must have drone accessories that can enhance your flight experience:

The Rotor X Facing Atom Carbon Fibre Frame is allows you not just to fly your drone, but race indoors and outdoors in a range of environments. The ultra-micro frame can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and can take you to flying zones where others cannot operate. Tried and tested, the Rotor X Racing Atom Carbon Fibre Frame is a near invincible backbone from which to build.

A brilliantly light-weight, high resolution recording camera that is perfect for the Atom V2 and Atom V3. With a camera angle of 30 degrees, you can capture the optimum footage without needing to add extra angled mounts.

The propellers have been specifically designed for use with 1206 brush-less motors providing explosive power to micro FPV racers.

The XG8 has been designed to control all types of model aircraft. It is the first JR transmitters to come with a Li-Fe battery which has dramatically reduced the weight of the transmitter. The XG8 offers aeroplane, helicopter and glider modes and SD card slot for data sharing to name a few of the features!

If you’re tired of flying in the dark, this Rotor X Racing Atom LED Bar will save your troubles. The LED bar is set to change dolour depending on your video channel. You don’t have to worry about losing sight of your drone and can guarantee better footage whilst drone flying at night.

This high voltage lithium polymer battery has been designed for high discharge and burst to enhance your flight experience. This battery is compatible with the Atom V2.


We at FPV Drones believe these are your must have drone accessories if you want to really up your drone flying experience. Check out the rest of our products and discover the better flying accessories for your drone.

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